Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Bittersweet Dream

Hi, everyone! Katia, here! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I haven't gotten my gifts yet because I'll celebrate New Year like I did in Russia, but I did have a dream about one of the gifts I hope to receive.

Here is one photo from the story. The rest can be found on my Picasaweb Album, and the link is below.

So, what did you get for Christmas or Hanukkah? Or, if you haven't celebrated yet, what do you hope to get?

Friday, November 25, 2011

I got a Facebook page/Thanksgiving

Hi, everyone! It's Katia! Guess what! I got a Facebook page! Please go to Katia's Facebook to like my page! Thanks!

Hope my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. I know I did! I tried so many new foods! I liked a lot of them (like pumpkin pie!), but there were a few I really didn't like (like cranberry sauce, blech!). What are your favorite holiday foods?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm making friends!

Hi, everyone! It's Katia!

I'm so excited! I'm making friends that are my friends first! So far, most of my new friends have been friends of my sisters. I like them, and they like me, but sometimes it feels like they are still Keesha's friends or Mei's friends instead of my friends. Does that make sense? Anyway, I'd love to tell you about my new friends.

My first new friend's name is Reminy Mastriani. She's actually my English tutor, but we're becoming friends. She's a sixth grader at one of the other private schools here in Cincinnati. She plays soccer like Keesha, but their teams are big time rivals. Keesha doesn't like Remy on the soccer field, but she's trying really hard to be nice to her when she comes over to tutor me.

My other new friend's name is Elizaveta Zakharova-Fields. She was adopted in May from Crimea, which is in Ukraine. A lot of people from that part of the country are ethnically Russian. Elizaveta is one of them. She doesn't speak much, even in Russian, but I do know that she was in an orphanage there. We met in a support group for kids adopted from eastern Europe. I've been going ever since I got to America, but Elizaveta joined our group a few weeks ago. Her new mom told us that she's having some trouble adjusting to life in America. I really want to help her, but I don't know how.

I'll try to post some pictures after the Thanksgiving holiday. This is my first real American holiday! I'm very excited (and a little nervous) to try all the Thanksgiving foods.

We've been super busy, so we didn't get a chance to say so, but Keesha's birthday was a week or so ago. She turned 11 years old on 11/11/11! It was a really special day for her. Her birthday cake was shaped like a soccer ball! My friend Inky also has a birthday soon. Hers is tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Keesha and Inky!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Pictures!

Hi, everyone! We've been super busy with school and after school activities! Today, our mom decided to take some fall pictures of us. Do you like our new header picture? Well, here they are!

Mei, me, and Katia




Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Toys!

I got an A on my first spelling test in American school, so I got to pick out some new toys! My new family is really proud of me for working hard to learn the words.

We had a very pretty day today. It had been raining for a long time, but the sun came out today! Keesha took some pictures of me outside.

My skating has been going really well too. My coach is very tough, and sometimes I get lots of bruises, but I really love to fly through the air and land jumps! I landed my double lutz quite a few times this week, and I worked on my double axel but only in the harness.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New stuff!

In Russia, I only got new clothes a few times a year, like my birthday and New Year. (Russians don't really celebrate Christmas. We give gifts for New Year instead.) All of the clothes I brought with me from Russia were too small, so I got some new things. I'm going to be getting more soon. I must have grown a lot since I last needed my winter clothes in Russia! Here is what I picked out:

A t-shirt with ice skates on it and a pleated skirt and new sunglasses (my boots are from Russia):

A new sweater and leggings:

What do you think?

Friday, September 2, 2011

привет means hello

Hi, everyone! This is Katia. Keesha decided to share her blog with us, and asked me to tell you more about myself, so here goes...

Full Name: Ekaterina Alexandrovna Grinkova
Nicknames: Katia, Katyusha
Birthday: May 28th

Food: cheesecake and frozen yogurt
Subject: gym
Color: purple
Book: Anna Karenina
Movie: Harry Potter series
Cartoon Character: Cheburashka
Hobbies: figure skating, of course!
Animal: puppies

This or That:
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Coke or Pepsi: water!
Morning or Evening: morning, but only if I get a good sleep
Summer or Winter: winter
Fruits or Veggies: veggies
Rain or Sun: sun
Inside or Outside: outside
Plane or Boat: plane
TV or Movies: movies
Mustard or Ketchup: ketchup
Ferris Wheel or Roller Coaster: roller coaster
Kiss or Hug: Kiss

If you want to know anything else, ask! I'll answer in the comments! :)

Some changes

Two posts in one day! I've decided to make some changes to my blog. Instead of just me blogging, it's going to be me, Katia, and Mei! To start things off, I thought it would be fun to do a little "About Me" sheet for each of us, so Katia is going to post hers first. Then, Mei, then me. Hope you enjoy getting to know my sisters better this way!

Long time, no see!

Hi, everyone! It's been a really hectic couple of weeks around here. School started off well, then went really sour, but it seems to be getting better again. After the first day, my teacher decided I needed to skip a grade. I was really excited at first because I already play soccer with the middle school team, so I talked my parents into letting me try it. Mom and Dad didn't want me to skip fifth grade and go on to middle school, even though they let me. It was so hard! All of a sudden, I went from being the smartest person in my class to struggling to keep up. I was miserable every night because I had to spend so much time doing my homework. I didn't have time to hang out with my sisters or do anything after school and practice. But, I didn't tell my parents I was unhappy at first because I begged them to let me skip to the middle school. Finally, one night, I was so unhappy that I was crying in my room. I thought everyone was already sleeping, but Katia heard me. We ended up talking all night, and I told Mom the next morning that school wasn't going so well for me. The fifth grade teachers didn't want me to come back to the elementary school, but my parents didn't want me to be miserable, so they agreed to let me do math and reading with the 6th graders in the morning and everything else at the elementary school. Things are so much better now!

Katia is adjusting pretty well too. She's picking up English really fast. She gets to skate in the mornings and do school in the afternoon. The teachers agreed to do it since she's catching up so fast. Plus, she already has a boyfriend! I've never had a boyfriend or even a crush before. I'm kind of jealous. Boys only like me as friends, never as a girlfriend.

Mei is happier now too. She's really getting into gymnastics. There's a new girl in her class that is also really into gymnastics. Her name is Stephanie, and Mei has gone over to her house after school almost every day. I'm really happy she's making friends. Sometimes she can be really shy, so kids don't always see how wonderful she is.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New School Year!

Wow! I can't believe the summer is over already! Soccer camp was so much fun! I made the middle school team! I'm so excited to start school this year. Usually, I'm not very excited because even though I'm smart, I don't like to pay attention in school. I have ADHD, for those of you who didn't know that. I have a few updates from the family too. First, here I am at soccer camp.

This is the day I got picked for the middle school team!

Katia did so well at her competition! Here's some pictures of her with her gold medal. She got overall first place for her level and age group!

She also really enjoyed visiting the zoo in Cincinnati with Mom, Mom's friend Colette, and Inky. Katia says the zoos in America are much nicer than the zoos in Russia.

Here is a picture of Inky and Katia. They are probably talking about life in Russia, since Inky is a Russian adoptee too. 

And, one of Katia and the monkeys. 

She also brought some presents for me and Mei from the zoo. 

The meerkat is Mei's, the polar bear is Katia's, and the white tiger is mine. Molly is Mei's doll. She's not from the zoo. :P

In Mei's room, all of us with our new stuffed animals.

I think our family is starting to come together a little bit. We're all a little nervous about the new school year, and that seems to have made us tighter as a family. Mei has been offering to tell Katia about American school so she knows what to expect. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soccer camp and the competition

Hi, everyone! I did get to go to soccer camp! I had to miss Monday to get my ankle checked, but the doctor said it was well enough for me to go to camp, as long as I felt comfortable playing. I had to rest more than usual on Tuesday, but I played really well on Wednesday! The middle school coach was very pleased with me! I get to go to middle school tryouts! I just found out about five minutes ago! We're taking a break inside because it's so hot today.

I have good news from Katia too! Mom texted me to say she's skating very well and placed first in two of the four events she is competing in! She got first place in jumps and first place in spins. Later today, she skates her technical program and her artistic program! I hope she gets two more first places! Mom said she was only a little nervous right before her first event, and she didn't even get carsick on the way to Chicago last night. I'm so proud of my sister!

Well, our break is almost over. I'll try to post some pictures really soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I sprained my ankle! :(

I just can't believe it! It's so close to soccer camp! :( I was rough housing with my brother yesterday and somehow my foot got caught up and twisted. It doesn't hurt too bad, but I'm supposed to stay off of it until Monday. Then, the doctor is going to check it again. I will definitely miss the first day of soccer camp, but if it feels good by Monday, I might get to go on Tuesday. I really, really hope it gets better! In the meantime, my sisters are taking really good care of me! Justin kinda feels bad, but it's just as much my fault as it is his. Mom stayed home from work today to help take care of me. Katia didn't say anything, but I could tell she was really glad not to have Nanny Robin all day. I think she's getting used to her though. Yesterday, she asked her for extra pickles at lunch instead of making me ask. We took a few pictures of me hanging out in bed.

Me with my soccer ball, wishing I could practice


The special penguin ice pack Justin got me

Lunch in my room alone was boring

But, dessert was fun!

Hanging with Katia

Then Mei joined us!

Now, for some good news! Katia is going to compete in the Chicago Figure Skating Club's Chicago Open Figure Skating Competition! She's going to be competing on the Pre-Juvenile level, which means she has to do her axel and some double jumps. She's a really good jumper though! Her coach wants her to do a double lutz then a loop for her combination jump, but Katia wants to do a double lutz double loop combination. She doesn't think Katia lands double-double combinations consistently enough, but I've seen her do them. She can do it!!! For her spin combination, Katia is doing a flying camel spin-sit spin-change foot-sit spin. It looks really cool! A flying camel is where you jump and land in a spin with your body parallel to the ice. Sit spins are pretty self explanatory. ;) The competition is on July 28th. Katia has been working really hard to get ready for it! Mei was supposed to go to this competition, but she decided to quit skating, so Katia got her spot. Mei is doing gymnastics now. She seems to like it so far.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My mom is going back to work!

Normally, this wouldn't seem like that big a deal, since both my parents are lawyers, but I'm really worried. Katia is just now getting used to us a little bit, and our nanny will be back full time on Wednesday. Katia's met her already, but she doesn't talk to her yet. She whispers to me, and I answer for her. She's really shy around Nanny Robin. Robin is really nice, but I remember being really intimidated by her at first too, so I understand why Katia is a little scared of her. She's Scandinavian and speaks with accent (most people at my house do). She's also pretty strict. She inspects our rooms every morning to make sure our beds are made properly, and we aren't allowed to refuse whatever she cooks for us. Usually, she makes things we like, but Katia is still getting used to food here. Apparently, she really likes cereal though. Tonight, Mom caught her sneaking Mom's Special K Blueberry into her room! At first, Katia thought she was in trouble, but Mom just thought it was cute. She's going to buy one of those variety packs of mini boxes so Katia can try a bunch. Anyway, I'm a little nervous about how things are going to go with Mom and Dad out of the house all day.

As for me, I'm going to soccer camp next week! I can't wait! It's not a sleepover camp, so I'll be home at night. I like it better that way because I can play soccer all day and sleep in my own bed at night! My coach says the middle school coach is going to be at our practice. If I do really well, I might get to play on the sixth grade team even though I will only be in 5th grade this year! I'm already running laps every morning. I hope he picks me to play for the middle school!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Katia got her own room!

Mom and Dad started taking us to family counseling. So far, it's only helped a little bit. Mei is still pretty unhappy. But, the counselor decided that it would be best if Katia had her own room because it might help with the tension in our house. So, Mom and Dad converted their office into a bedroom for Katia. Their office is going to be in the basement now. Here is her new room!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I love special days!

A few times each month, Mom or Dad has a special day with one of us kids. We get to pick an activity and it's just one of us with one parent. I love these special days! Well, Mei and I decided to have our own special day, and it was so much fun! I think Mei is feeling a little better now. First, we had breakfast in Mei's room, just the two of us. Then, Dad took us to Panera and dropped us off at the movies. We watched Cars 2. It was really good! After the movie, Dad took us to the mall. He wouldn't let us walk around alone, but he did stay back so that we could have some space to look around and talk. Dad only complained about using his day off to play chauffeur once. Mom and Dad are both taking some time off to help Katia adjust. Mei still wishes Katia stayed in Russia, but she's not so mad at me now.

While we were having our special day, Mom took Katia for her own special day. They went to see a waterfall! I've been there before. It's really pretty. Here are some pictures.

Resting and looking at the Falls

Playing on a log

Playing on some rocks

On the beach (Katia had never seen sand!)


Next to the river

Mom let her wade

Isn't she pretty? Sometimes I look at Katia and wish I was as pretty as she is!

Monday, July 4, 2011

More challenges on the homefront

Today is Independence Day, but my family celebrated it on Saturday. We went to a big celebration for the city to eat picnic food, play games, and watch fireworks. It was fun, for the most part. Mei wasn't (and still isn't) speaking to Katia, so Justin took Mei and Ana to ride some carnival rides. Katia didn't want to ride rides because she gets motion sick really easy, apparently. Mom has to give her Dramamine every time we are going to be in the car for more than about 10 minutes. Dad was doing some networking for work, and mom decided to go with him, but she said Katia and I could walk around as long as we stayed together. We saw some friends, but Katia clung to my hand and hid behind me, so we only talked to them for a few minutes. She finally told me that she's shy because her English isn't very good yet. I think she speaks fine, but I'm used to teaching Ana English. So, after we talked to my friends, we decided to get some food. I got a grilled chicken sandwich, which was the healthiest possible option. Katia got a hot dog, which are really popular in Russia. Actually, she got 3. She's still adjusting to the healthy stuff we eat at home. Then, we watched people play games. Katia said we shouldn't waste our money. Finally, it got dark and the fireworks started. I wasn't sure how Katia would react to them, but she liked them a lot. Later that night, when we were in bed (she likes being close to me), she whispered that the fireworks in Russia are much bigger and better. I laughed because I was glad she was so honest, but it hurt her feelings. I tried to explain that her comment made me happy, but she turned away. I could hear her crying, so I put my arms around her. She let me snuggle her though, so I took it as a good sign.

On Sunday, Katia was completely silent until it was time for me to sleepover with a friend. Then, she cried because she didn't want me to go, but mom said I should go. Honestly, I was kind of glad because Mei is still really mad at Katia for being a better skater, so she's being mean to everyone, especially me because Katia likes me so much. It makes me sad because Mei is usually really sweet and is my best friend. Ana keeps trying to make things better, but it mostly makes things worse. When I got home today, mom said things didn't go well and maybe I should not sleepover at friends' houses until Katia adjusts a little more. Normally, I wouldn't mind, but at the sleepover I got invited to another sleepover at a middle school girl's house. And, I really want to go! I want to like my new sister, but things are really hard!

Sorry that was so long! If you read it all the way through, please give me some advice!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Dream

I've mentioned before that I sometimes have dreams about my birth family in Namibia. Well, I guess having Katia around has made the dreams come back. Wondering what her life was like before she came to live with us has made me start thinking about my birth parents again. Last night, I dreamed about my mother. It was about the last time I was with her. We were in a big crowd on the street. My dad was there, but not with us. I don't know what he was doing, but I think it was work. There were two big men with me and my mom to protect us from all the people. All of a sudden, there was a really loud noise. It hurt my ears bad. I was screaming, but my mom was silent. One of the big men protecting us ripped me out of her hands and jumped into a car with me. Before the car took off, she whispered, "Be a good girl, My Love, I hope I will see you again soon." Then she disappeared into the crowd. I never saw her again.

I hope Katia will tell us about herself soon! I need distraction, but I will not pressure her. She still doesn't talk much, but when you put skates on her, she's a whole new person! We went ice skating yesterday, and she pretty much took over the entire rink. Double jumps and camel spins everywhere! She's incredible! Mei is really jealous though because she used to be the best skater in our family. Mei only landed her single lutz twice the whole afternoon, but Katia landed almost every double jump she did, including double lutzes and a couple double axels. For those of you who don't live with figure skaters, here is the order you learn jumps from easiest to hardest: waltz jump, toe loop, Salchow, loop, flip, Lutz, axel. Then, you learn them all again as double jumps. I feel bad for Mei, but I want to be proud of Katia. I never thought I'd say this, but I think we have enough sisters now.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting to know Katia

So far, she's been pretty quiet, but we have learned a few things about our new family member. I want to ask her what happened to her birth family, but my mom says we should wait until she tells us. I think the adoption people told my mom, but she wants Katia to tell us all herself when she is comfortable with us. I can wait. Anyway, here are a few things we've learned about her so far:

Birthday: May 28th
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Frozen yogurt (She tried it yesterday, and she ate so much she puked.)
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Book: Anna Karenina (She says it was her mother's favorite book.)
Favorite Movie: Ice Princess (She saw it for the first time last night!)
Favorite Sport: Figure skating (She can do double jumps!)
Favorite Animal: Puppies

Katia is teaching me Russian. Before we went to sleep last night, she whispered, "Ya lyublyu tebya", which means "I love you", to me. I think we are going to become friends. She's supposed to be sharing a room with Mei, but when I woke up this morning, she was in my bed. Mei refuses to sleep over in my room because I snore, but Katia didn't seem to mind. I snapped a few pictures of her today, when we were playing outside.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our new sister is here!!!

My parents went to Russia to get her, and they just got back late last night. We were already sleeping when they got back, and she is still sleeping this morning, so I haven't gotten to meet her yet. But, my mom took a picture of her on the way home. Her name is Ekaterina, and she is 10 years old. Mom says she prefers to be called Katia. I think it's a pretty name, but Mei keeps calling her Katie instead. I hope she doesn't mind. Katia is pronounced KAT-ya and Ekaterina is pronounced with a Y at the beginning: YEH-kah-tye-ree-nah. I can't wait to meet her, but my mom says we should let her sleep because the trip from Russia was really long. Mom says she knows English pretty well, but that we should be understanding if she gets confused. That one was kind of a no brainer. We had to teach Ana English because she didn't know any at all when she came to live with us, so of course we will help our new sister! And, now, for the moment everyone is waiting for, a picture!

While my parents went to Russia to get my sister, I went to the beach with a friend. My other siblings had to stay with my grandparents though. Here are some beach pictures!


With my friend, Dante

Hanging on some cool rocks:

The water was really warm!

Making footprints

Pretty flowers

Hanging by the pool

More flowers

In a tree

On the plane

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're getting a new sibling!

Hi, everyone! Guess what! My mom has decided to adopt a new sibling for us! We don't know much about her yet, but mom says she's my age and that she's a girl from Russia. I am so excited! I love my siblings so much, so I can't wait to add another one! Justin isn't very happy though. He says we don't need any more little girls in the house. Us girls are excited though! She's probably going to share a room with Mei since I snore and Ana is younger.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going to Florida!

My mom has to go to Florida on a business trip, and she is taking me with her! I am so excited! Mei wanted to come too, but she can't because she has rehearsals for an end of the year recital for her dance class. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures while I'm gone!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girl Scout cookies and 007 movies

My little sister, Ana (short for Anandi), is the youngest person in her Girl Scout Brownies troop, and today, she found out that she sold the most cookies in her whole troop! I'm so proud of her! She was really nervous about selling cookies when she first started because she hasn't been speaking English very long. My parents adopted her from Mumbai, India last year. She was almost 5 when she came to live with us. She didn't speak any English at all, but she's learned really fast! I'm kind of glad cookie season is over though. I spent almost my entire allowance for two months on cookies! What can I say? She's cute (most of the time, anyway), and the cookies are really good! Normally, I try to only eat really healthy stuff, but I'm making an exception just this once.

Speaking of Girl Scout cookies... They are really good in frozen yogurt! I chopped up some Peanut Butter Patties and mixed them into low fat cookies and cream frozen yogurt. Best snack ever! I've been munching on it while watching Quantum of Solace. My brother, Justin, is obsessed with 007 movies, but mom has never let me or my younger siblings watch them. I only got to see my first one last weekend! Justin let me watch with him and his girlfriend. I had to be the "parental" supervision to make sure they weren't doing anything they're not supposed to. Anyway, I'm hooked! I'm not sure who my favorite Bond is yet, but my favorite Bond Girl is Jinx Johnson (Halle Berry's character) in Die Another Day. She's so gorgeous! Sometimes I wish my hair looked like hers, but my spiral curls are nice too. How about you? Who is your favorite Bond and Bond Girl?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break Plans

I can not wait until spring break! There are going to be so many exciting things going on! First, we are going to see Stars On Ice. My sister, Mei, and I have back stage meet and greet passes to meet the skaters! Mei is super excited because figure skating is her favorite sport. She's a pretty good skater too. She landed her lutz this season and is working really hard on landing her axel. I'm always really impressed when she shows me those jumps. I used to take skating lessons too, but I'm better at soccer. I did learn how to do a toe loop though. The same weekend as Stars On Ice is Mei's third competition for the season. She's placed in the top 3 at every competition so far. I'm really hoping she gets another first place!

After a weekend of skating, we are going to spring break camps. Mei is going to skating camp, and I am going to soccer camp. My youngest sister is going to tumbling camp. Sometimes we go on vacation during spring break, but this year, our mom couldn't leave work. We are going to Harry Potter World this summer though! :) At first, we were really disappointed that we don't get to go on vacation, but Harry Potter World will definitely make up for it! Our mom and dad also promised we will get to do some fun things as a family. That doesn't happen very often because we're all so busy. My dad is a lawyer, and he sometimes spends more hours at the office than he does at home, especially when he's working on a big case. We really miss him when he's busy with work. Our mom used to be a stay at home mom, but our youngest sister started kindergarten this year, so she decided to go back to work part time. She's a lawyer too, but she's never practiced until now. Mom and Dad said we can choose what fun things to do for our family nights. What should we do? Each of us kids (there are 4 total) get to pick one thing to do together in the evening. Then, on Friday night, we have to decide on something as a family. What to pick? What to pick? What to pick? Any suggestions? We live in a pretty big city, so it's not too hard to find stuff to do. We want to do something family friendly for a 6 year old girl, a 9 year old girl, a 10 year old girl, and a 16 year old pain in the butt boy.

Friday, March 11, 2011


In my first post, I mentioned that I've started to remember pieces of my life before I was adopted. Most of the time, the things I remember come to me in dreams.

The first dream I had was a few months ago. It began in a beautiful garden. I was walking with my guardian, who was singing a lovely, peaceful song to help me relax before my afternoon nap. I was two years old. The next time I dreamed about the garden, I was running from a ferocious dragon in my toddler mind, but the "dragon" was actually my dog. In the dream, I turned to look behind me and tripped over a stick on the path. I stumbled, certain the dragon would catch me and eat me now, only to find that my father scooped me up instead of me hitting the ground. He tossed me into the air and kissed me. I remember being so happy to see him, but I can't remember how long he had been gone. It felt like a very long time, like I'd never see him again. Then, he was there, rescuing me. I felt warm and safe in his arms, but he seemed sad, and I didn't understand why. This is the only memory I have of my birth father.

I got in trouble at soccer practice today. I wasn't paying attention to our coach because I was thinking about my birth father. I remember his big, strong hands and coffee colored skin. His scent was fresh like the garden where he rescued me mixed with a subtle, expensive smelling cologne. But, his face is still a mystery. I can vaguely remember his face being smooth and shaved, but I don't remember the features. Coach was asking me to show someone who'd missed last practice a new drill, but I wasn't paying attention. I got assigned 20 laps around the field and had to run while everyone else was practicing. I spent most of the run thinking about my father.

My sister is calling for me to come to dinner. We are having pizza and salad tonight. I hope I can focus on dinner and not daydream anymore!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hi, there and welcome to my blog! I'm not sure what all is going to be happening here yet, but I hope it will be fun! For now, I'll just tell you a little about me. 

Full Name: Keesha Arielle Lawrence
Birthday: 11/11/2000 (I know what you're thinking! I'm going to turn 11 on 11-11-11! So cool!)
Best Friend: My adopted sister, Mei
Favorite Color: Lime green 
Favorite Foods: hummus and whole wheat pitas, grilled chicken, most veggies
Favorite Subject: Recess and math

Favorite Book: Harry PotterFavorite Movie: most sports movies, Toy Story, Harry Potter
Favorite Character: Keroppi
Favorite Toy: Littlest Pet Shop

Favorite Sport: Soccer, of course!
Favorite Animal: Tigers

A bit more about me: My guardian moved with me from Namibia when I was 3 years old, but she was murdered not long after we got to America. I was put into foster care and adopted by the first foster family I was placed with. I love them a lot, but sometimes I remember bits and pieces of my life in Namibia and I feel a little sad. I couldn't remember anything from before I was 5 until a few months ago, but now I can remember just a few things about Namibia. I want to tell my sister, but I'm scared. What if she doesn't like me anymore?