Saturday, January 28, 2012

I can't believe what just happened!

Hey, guys, it's Keesha! Something really strange just happened, and I am not sure what to think! I over heard my sister Katia talking to her friend Liza the other day. They are both adopted from Russia. They were talking about their families there, and it made me think about what happened to my parents. I don't remember them because I was so small when I was adopted, so I decided to look at my adoption papers to see if I could find out anything...

When I went into my dad's office (which we aren't supposed to do), I noticed his safe was open just a little bit, and I decided to take a look. Inside the safe, there was a lot of money, my parents' marriage license, some stuff about our house, and a box with each of the kids' names on it. I pulled mine out and opened it. First, I pulled out my adoption paperwork. I'd seen that before, and put it aside. The next paper I pulled out surprised me. It was for an official name change. The original name on the page was Abisola Iroegbu and the new name was Keesha Arielle Lawrence! I was surprised, but it's not that uncommon to rename an adopted kid, especially one who is adopted as a baby. But, the next paper I pulled out was really strange. It was a newspaper clipping with a picture of me with my birth parents. I was really small, maybe about two and wearing a fancy dress. Both of my parents were dressed really fancy, and we were all wearing crowns. The only reason I knew it was us is because sometimes I dream about them. The picture looked just like my dreams. Then I read the paper. It talked a lot about some politics in Nigeria (which was weird since my parents said I'm from Namibia), and then about the tragic deaths of a tribal king and his entire family. They were murdered in their home by a warring tribe. That's when I realized it! The dreams I have about my birth parents are real, and that makes me a Nigerian princess! I'm not really sure what to think. My parents always told me that my birth parents died of malaria, but now I know they didn't. The last document had all kinds of legal stuff written that I don't really understand. I think the main point was that no one is supposed to know my true identity and that my adoptive parents have sworn to keep me safe.

I've always felt like something wasn't quite right about the story my parents tell about my adoption. Now I really know what happened. Should I tell my parents that I know? I don't want them to be mad at me! I also don't want my friends to treat me differently. I don't feel like a princess. I hate girly things, and I like to play in the dirt.


  1. Hmmm... That is really complicated. I think I'd want to talk about it with my parents to learn more, but that would mean admitting I'd looked in the safe. Tricky!

    ~ Kiki

  2. Wow! If I were you, I would talk to my parents or a close relative to see what they have to say. Good luck with your decision!

    Love, Reese <3

  3. I would talk to your parents and see what they have to say, I don't think they would really get to mad at you for looking because it is your past and you should know about it. I would not tell any of your friends, not just for your safety but because it would change how they look at you ..

    Let us know what you decide and what happens ..


  4. Uh-oh. Snooping. But what amazing information have you found! I wonder what your folks will say if you mention it to them... Or, you could just revel in the fact you're quite regal and perhaps when you're older, mom and pop will be more forthcoming. Hmm.....

  5. Wow, that is amazing! Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to this sooner. It's awesome that you're a princess... but princesses can still play in the dirt, right?

    I mean, princesses are just human beings. Acting royal is probably something you're taught, not something you're born with.

    I really think you should talk to your parents. The truth about your biological family is a BIG deal, and it's important for you not to have to keep this all inside, and to get the answers to your questions.

    They may be upset that you snooped (although honestly I think they were wrong to hide your own past from you, so you have a right to be upset with them too,) but the people who love us get over being mad at us.

    I think it's better to have a little disagreement with your mom and dad than to try to keep this a secret forever, know what I mean?


  6. You should admit it in fact tell them the soonest you can because punishment is better than guilt.